About Us

Ewa Botanicals is hand made body and hair products made with love from the United State.

We put the efforts into sourcing hand picked herbs and cosmetics ingredients that are safe for your body and hair.

Ewa means beauty and we think that you are beautiful in your skin and color. Therefore, Ewa Botanicals provide cosmetics products for all skin types because we believe that beauty is not about the color of the skin but the health of your skin. Keeping your skin moisturized with emollients, humectants and nutrients can help you to maintain a healthy skin.

We use botanical ingredients in form of various herbs in our products, hence, the reason why you will see our products with the herbal lingo. While trees and plants provide oxygen to our lungs, they are also very beneficial to our skin topically.

Our founder, Bukola Oriola conceived the idea of producing hair care products when she was running a hair braiding and beauty supply shop called Bukola Braiding and Beauty Supply. A decade after, she is successfully launching both hair care and body cosmetics to benefit herself and the general public.

If you believe, your dream will not die. It may be delayed, you may have to pause or take a detour, but if you don't give up, you will arrive at the final destination of materializing your dream.

Welcome to Ewa Botanicals! And, remember, you are beautiful!

We hope that you are inspired.